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The Best Buffalo Hunting in North Dakota
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Rolling Plains Adventures Buffalo Hunting

Millions of Buffalo once thundered across North America. These massive animals once dominated the plains with numbers as high as 30 million. Historically, the American Buffalo played an essential role in shaping the ecology of the Great Plains. They graze heavily on native grasses and disturb the soil with their hooves, allowing many plant and animal species to flourish.

While hunting Buffalo at Rolling Plains Adventures, you will have the opportunity to trace back in time on the same land where early Native Americans hunted them for survival. There is even history of the historic “buffalo jumps” here.

Guaranteed Hunts

This is a fair chase hunt on 6000 acres of rolling hills and rugged terrain. We guarantee an animal that meets your approval. Trophy bulls, young bulls, cows, and yearlings are offered. These huge animals usually weigh anywhere from 1000 to over 2000 pounds depending on the age and sex of the animal that you shoot.

Licenses & Hunter Ed

No License or Hunter Education is required for buffalo hunting.

Season and Best Time

Although there is no specific hunting season, most hunts occur from September to March. The best hides are taken from November to March when Buffalo have the thickest winter hair.

Buffalo Package

  • 2 days hunting, additional days can be added
  • 3 nights lodging
  • All meals
  • Transportation
  • Guiding
  • Drinks – from bar and our brewery
  • Skinning and quartering of animal
  • Trophy bull – $10,000
  • Younger bull – $6,000
  • Cow – $5,000
  • Additional non-hunting guests can be added for $200

There are limited trophy bulls available each season, call for availability.